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  • Alexa Clark

    Alexa Clark

    social entrepreneur, author, chief CheapEater, photographer & social media addict. Also @ceto @ceot @secretpickle & part of @hohoto

  • Drew Burdick

    Drew Burdick

    Experience design leader at @SlalomCLT. Always game to talk about coffee, food, travel, & design systems.

  • Pearl Chen

    Pearl Chen

    Technologist + Educator

  • Paul unr Morrison

    Paul unr Morrison

    Obsessive Gamer; Product Engineer at @LootMarket; still can't get css right.

  • Alex Rainone

    Alex Rainone

    // Interactive Designer // 23 // Lanky // gifs @ http://t.co/qwjY2XKPxr //

  • Paula Macedo

    Paula Macedo

    12+y humanizing technologies. Head of UX Research at Nubank empowering people and fighting against complexity in finance services *Personal opinion only*

  • Faris


    Hello! I'm Faris. I'm looking for the awesome. Founder/Genius Steals. Itinerant Strategist//Speaker. Author of Paid Attention.

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